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Licensing System (FaxStore)

Are you in search for a solution that allows you to whitelist your applications to an IP? This might just be for you. Licensing System (for ...


File Uploader

This is a basic and feature-rich FaxStore extension that adds ShareX uploading ability to FaxStore directly complete with an admin panel to ...


Release Watcher

Release Watcher is a FaxStore Extension that takes advantage of FaxStore events to create a new embed in a specified discord channel when a ...


Grayscale Theme

Grayscale is a simple FaxStore Theme made using some basic colors and make the store look more gray until you hover on certain elements. Thi...


Block Display

This item is a new FaxStore display that uses basic HTML & CSS to create an amazing display to make your store stand out from the rest....


Watcher Package

Watcher Package is a massive package that contains a handful of event watching items that allow for easy ability to customise your experienc...


Purple Vibrance

A cool little FaxStore theme to suite all your needs!...