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FaxStore is a lightweight, feature-rich online store template with high flexability. As an extensive automated storefront, FaxStore is there for you to help you manage your business to the greatest level using the power of automated technology. FaxStore is perfect for small businesses to sell any form of digital or physical goods.

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We strive to make products that make a difference for you and your business. With products like our automated storefront to many utility products we aim to always deliver and cater everyones needs.This is why we have a 93.5% of all community suggestions have been added to our products - check out our feedback tracker. So we're here to make and develop products that matter for you.

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Found a few bugs, and FAXES was very quick to fix them, almost immediately while I took a shower and used my new Dr. Squatch soap, it was th...

— Hyperz

Amazing Support and product constant updates and easy to use....

— Monkey The Dev

FaxesStore is Easy to use Clean and Simple to setup. No Regrets at all and would Recommend to Others....

— Future Eclipse

Epic bot, yo...

— AIex

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