FaxUp - the new, modern, and featureful automated status page. Tired of not knowing if one of your services is offline without manually checking yourself? Look no further, with FaxUp you'll be able to get instant updates on your services uptime via text, email or Discord webhook.

Along with this rich featured alert system, there is many statistics and features FaxUp offers you and any site visitors.


  • Easy configuration
  • Unlimited services/incidents/categories can be created
  • Automatic pinging of services to check their online status
  • Options to have history on services or just display the current status
  • Robust staff panel with dynamic editing support
  • Ability for SMS, email and Discord Webhook notifications
  • Full incident system for services
  • Ability to have subscriptions which are open to the public to be alerted on incident creations
  • Service history supported for 90 days with average statistics
  • Full staff panel with email, password logins. This product isn't synced with social media logins


  • Online server/machine to operate. Commonly known as a VPS or dedicated box
  • Domain name

This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.

For all other documentation see the FaxUp docs.

FaxUp — $24.99


  • FAXES - Main programming
  • Pluto - JavaScript contributions

User Reviews

Product: FaxUp 5/5

“Super easy to install too less than 5 mins! Awesome UI could find everthing within seconds of looking! Overall a great product and works really well!!!”Hyperscale

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Product: FaxUP 5/5

“This is definitely and upgrade from faxstatus! it's much better and looks a lot like statuspage.io! I've been looking for a cheaper alternative. I am having an issue”Rhys19

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Product: FaxUp 5/5

“Faxup is an amazing and easy to setup. I bought it after I got my store and it is really nice and clean. This product has help me keep track up the uptime and downti”Shawn E.

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Product: FaxUp 5/5

“Have not used it but it looks epic so buy it!”KillaNA

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