Order a work of art for your business that doesn't break the bank. Having a custom product for your business is a great way to grow one.
So check out our commission range and see how much you can improve your business.

Step 1

Get a Quote

Start the commission process as easily as you can, get a quote for what you want for your business.

Step 2

Creation Time

Start the commission process as easily as you can, get a quote for what you want for your business.

Step 3


Have unlimited revisions* and ensure the results are perfect for you.
*Unlimited revisions are acceptable when the revision is within the quoted commission.

Cheaper than most

We always want to offer the best prices for our products, including commissions.

Why should you have to pay a whole weeks salary for the same product elsewhere?

Here's our average deposit prices for our commissions πŸ˜‰

Static Websites

The average static website costs around USD$25. Get a nice and fluent website for your business or organisation.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic sites usually cost aroundUSD$45. Have a responsive, energetic, and flawless website created to suit your businesses.

Discord Bots

Discord on Discord with a bot. For USD$25 you can get a tasteful Discord bot to do what ever you'd like.

Extensions & Themes

Get a FaxStore extension or theme for USD$15.
Pretty cool right?

Authorship Rights

When purchasing a commission Weblutions reserves the legal right of authorship. This means we're able to use it for portfolio and presentational purposes. We don't resell previous commission works β€” ever.

Ownership Rights

You as a commission customer reserve the full right of ownership when a commission has been completed. This means you can really do as you wish with the commission works. However, you can't claim ownership of the work β€” we don't put credits within commission works.


To put it simply, when you request a commission it follow this process; contents reviewed β†’ you're quoted for the works β†’ upon agreement a deposit is paid β†’ commission work starts β†’ when completed you give revisions if required β†’ you pay a final invoice β†’ receive the commission product.


During the commission process you'll pay two invoices. One is a non-refundable deposit to have the commission started. The second invoice is the final payment before you get the product, this invoice consists of the hourly rate;
USD$12.00 per hour.

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