WLink — $14.99

Still sad that Google's URL Shortener got shut down? Well, WLink is here to make you happy again and give you the ability to get those links nice and short again.

Create link IDs to be used as redirects to external websites with basic support for statistics.


  • As always, a clean and user-friendly user interface
  • Simple setup
  • Discord user sessions and logins
  • Live database
  • Basic statistics for created redirects
  • Updated and maintained


  • Online server/machine. Commonly known as a VPS or dedicated box, with Ubuntu 22.04 support
  • Domain name
  • Discord account

This is a Node.js based website. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' or 'Website' plans with hosting companies.

Need Hosting?

We've partnered up with TurboNode as our endorsed hosting solution for our products.


“WLink is a fantastic product that has saved me countless hours in typing out long links and domains, I bought a short domain and linked to the links that I most comm”wardaddyy

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“Very helpful and whitelabed Legit <3”thekidjacobb

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“WLink is a pretty W product if you ask me, super useful and easy to use. 5/5”_hyperscale

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