FiveM Scripts

Since 2016 we've been making FiveM resources and have developed game changing scripts for FiveM communities.

Enhance your FiveM server with one of our unique and optimised scripts!

Discord Whitelist


Made for: FiveM & RedM.

Say hi to DiscordWhitelist, the number 1 whitelist resource for FiveM! Get a dynamic whitelist system based off of Discord roles.

Vehicle Whitelist


Made for: FiveM.

Discord Vehicle Whitelist is here to help protect your server! Block those death-like vehicles from players, or only allow certain vehicles.

Fax Revive


Made for: FiveM.

Ever in-game and notice when you die you instantly respawn? Yeah, it's annoying! Lucky for you there's a solution - Fax Revive.

Fax Cams


Made for: FiveM

Keep track of crime in your city with FaxCams. Get the ability to have events logged when they occur in front of a camera!

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