[FiveM] Fax Revive — $6.99

Ever in-game and notice when you die you instantly respawn? Yeah, it's annoying! Lucky for you there's a solution - Fax Revive. FaxRevive is FiveM's original and most used revive script. It's simple and offers tons of customisation.

Inspired by DoJ’s 2018 revive script FaxRevive uses key-bindings instead of text chat commands. It comes fully featured with timers and allows permissions through ACE or Discord.


  • Separate timers for respawn and revive
  • Compatible with ESX
  • Respawns take the player to the nearest respawn location
  • Text displays, set it to draw or appear as a notification, or turn it off completely
  • Text colors that can be set individually for the main text and highlights for the key-binds
  • Customisable respawn points
  • Ability to change key-binds
  • Ability to change which permissions will be used
  • Ships with ACE permissions and Discord permissions
  • Discord roles to bypass any revive or respawn times along with access to revive and respawn commands
  • /reviveall command to revive any and all dead players
  • /revive {id} command to revive yourself or other players - admin command
  • /respawn {id} command to respawn yourself or another player - admin command
  • Customisable ACE permission name


This resource is fully standalone and only requires the server itself to run.


“I've been looking for a script like this for a while now and none of them works as well as this one does. I recommend this script for sure! If I could give more then”Shadow X

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“Was skeptical paying for something that used to be free, however I understand why it's paid now, it's so much better.”kadin_s

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