[FiveM/RedM] DiscordWhitelist — $7.99

Say hi to DiscordWhitelist, the number 1 whitelist resource for FiveM!

Hate updating those ACE Permission or database white-lists? Well just use Discord! DiscordWhitelist allows you to use a dynamic whitelist system based off of Discord roles. Simply change the configuration to best fit your community! So keep white-lists easy and breezy. Oh, also, we forgot to mention there's also a blacklisted roles system, just in-case you prefer to blacklist users.


  • Whitelist users based on their roles
  • Blacklist users based on roles
  • Debugging options for users and server admins
  • Built in cache system
  • Multiple role support
  • No third party resource or dependencies required
  • Supports FiveM & RedM



What makes this different from the existing release?

  • This version is updated and maintained
  • Customer support is provided
  • RedM is fully supported
  • Dependencies removed


“the script is just incredible, and the configuration part is disconcertingly easy. ”_xeka

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