FaxStore V2 Future

Posted by: FAXES
Posted 3 years ago

FaxStore V2 is a newer automated store template website that allows businesses to expand there customer base and brand in a more advanced way than you might of seen in the past. FaxStore is constantly updated and worked on to improve and add further suggestions, this gives businesses the ability to make it there own with customisation.

As FaxStore is always updated, what's in it for the future?
FaxStore has some big upcoming features that will be game changing. This includes multiple page designs and layouts to make each version of FaxStore going around 'there own'. Which brings us to the 'Designers Update'.

This update will give the site owner the ability to make their site look different in format than others.

Sick of seeing the same style design...






These are some current examples of how FaxStore can look on the home page. But what if these were flipped outside down and totally changed. What if each one of those above images were all FaxStore but looked completely different?

This is exactly what we plan to achieve in the 'Designers Update'. Giving the business complete control out of a wide set of designs to make themselves look different and unique. There's no doubt about it that FaxStore is advanced. But lets make it more advanced!

If you have suggestions on anything you'd like to see in this Designers Update throw your idea into the #product-ideas channel in my Discord server.

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