I've known DIBZER since mid 2018 and he has grown and become very good in the vehicle modelling scene. He creates genuine quality models and that shows in his products he has to offer! He doesn't put a product out without it being flawless, he puts in the hours and the time to ensure a light isn't just slapped on a model, but it's built, built from the ground up.

DIBZER is probably one of the most under-rated vehicle modelers in the community but defiantly deserves more attention. If you haven't already go check my boy out and you will be surprised with his content, new and old!

Website: https://dibzermods.com/
Discord: https://dibzermods.com/discord
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dibzermods
Twitch: http://youtube.com/DIBZER_
Store: https://dibzermods.com/store

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