FaxCAD is a new custom CAD to hit the street. Co-designed by real-life officers and other specialists we believe FaxCAD is the most unique CAD & MDT system out there! Coded without automated programs and with over 80,000 lines of code FaxCAD is a must-try. FaxCAD comes great customisation and the ability to be different. This is what FaxCAD does - allows a new and different experience for its users.

FaxCAD Legacy is a PHP based CAD. It is no longer updated or fully supported. FaxCAD Legacy was first made in 2017 and no longer has updates. There may be security issues with this product.

Check out the updated and new FaxCAD

Updated documentation link: https://docs.faxes.zone/c/faxcadlegacy

FaxCAD Legacy — $14.99


FaxStatus is an older product release. For an updated an maintained status page check out FaxCAD

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