FaxStatus — $4.99

The FaxStatus Page is a take on a more modern and 'cleaner' looking status page to view the up-time of your service. Complete with a super-easy configuration, adding more services is extremely simple! FaxStatus is easy to use and manage.


  • Light theme
  • Dark theme
  • Easy configuration
  • Unlimited services can be added
  • It's automatic. Meaning it doesn't need to manually be updated for statuses to change


FaxStatus is an older product release. For an updated an maintained status page check out FaxUp

  • Public Resources (Eg; W3Schools & PHP Docs)


“Good”Popcorn The Dev

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“Good page but can use some ui work.”Monkey The Dev

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“Perfect! Just what I needed to check the status of my bots and websites!”Synapse

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“been using for years now, and can say this is the best you're gonna get, you dont have to be a coding genius to use his stuff, take it from me lol ”Yoohoo lol

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