Are you in search for a solution that allows you to whitelist your applications to an IP? This might just be for you. Licensing System (for FaxStore V2) gives you the ability to automatically create license keys for your customers to authorise their products to be able to operate them.

So, how does it work?

Licensing System hooks straight into FaxStore V2 and uses the same database to gather information on owned items that users have. With this it allows the users to create a license on the website and gives them a license key. You're able to create a system in your applications that ensure a license key is validated before the product boots up.


  • Automatic creation of new license keys (when prompted by user)
  • Syncs to FaxStore V2s database to gather information about license keys
  • Change IP for each license key
  • Disable/Enable keys to keep others from using
  • Administrators can force disable keys to disable a client from using an item
  • Staff panel


Licensing System requires you have FaxStore V2 as it directly uses this product to sync and do its magic.

  • Online server/machine to operate. Commonly known as a VPS or dedicated box
  • Domain name

This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.

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Licensing System (FaxStore) — $14.99

User Reviews

Product: Licensing System (FaxStore) 4/5

“Was a bit confusing to set up think it needs better docs or I’m just dum but nice work no more leakers ”ACES11

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Product: Licensing System (FaxStore) 5/5

“This is neat ”Popcorn The Dev

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Product: Licensing System (FaxStore) 5/5

“No more leaker beakers around now! This integrates smoothly with all of my current products, and it protects me from the nasty leakers using my stuff!”Hyperz

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Product: Licensing System (FaxStore) 5/5

“Amazing License System for the Store!! Love it and easy to set up, easy to use. it's affordable and love the IP locking feature!”Cisco

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