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Job Opening | Social Media Coordinator

Shawn E. - 11 months ago

📢 Looking for a part-time job that will let you flex your social media and event management skills? Weblutions is the place to go! 🎉 A social media and event coordinator is now needed to help expand our community. <br/> The major duties of the 💻 Social Media and Events Coordinator are to help manage events in our Discord server, ...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

snatch - 1 years ago

Breast Cancer Awareness Month We have gone PINK for breast cancer awareness month! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. → https://www.nationalbreastcancer.org → https://youtu.be/MB6CmMa8qvo So for the month, set a pink user avatar for our guild, or ...

FaxStore Automation

snatch - 1 years ago

FaxStore is a rapidly growing application used by more and more users daily. FaxStore has achieved so much over the past two years and only is going up with the ability to customise and grow it. Growing your consumer base and sales is something FaxStore gives many businesses. With this significant evolution of FaxStore, we think it's t...

Affiliates & Partner Programme

Killingit - 1 years ago

Starting with Wednesday (<t:1657029600000>) our affiliate and partner programme is coming back for all to engage and potentially join. It's been a long time since our affiliate and partner programme was public and behind the scenes [@killingit](/user/333908428995035137) has been working on a new solution. Here is an overview of what o...

Introducing FAXES Weblutions

FAXES - 2 years ago

For a decent amount of time FAXES Gaming hasn't been the best fitting name for us due to the fact 'Gaming' has little to do with our business model and hasn't for a long time now. Since 2017 FAXES Gaming has been our name, even before becoming an online store, back when the community was just a gaming community focused with friends...

FaxStore V2 Future

FAXES - 2 years ago

FaxStore V2 is a newer automated store template website that allows businesses to expand there customer base and brand in a more advanced way than you might of seen in the past. FaxStore is constantly updated and worked on to improve and add further suggestions, this gives businesses the ability to make it there own with customisation. ...

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